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2 min readDec 8, 2023


AvatarArt is thrilled to announce our partnership with Polygon — The fundamental protocol applying the most adopted scaling technology that allows users to create and exchange value.

Our popular NFT Marketplace, AvatarArt is now landing on Polygon, marked a siginicant event in December 2023. This move enables the seamless cross-chain experience across various platforms, including BNU, Flow and MATIC. The future of NFT is looking brighter than ever!

💥 Why Polygon?

As we transition towards a multichain world, Polygon’s interoperability features may bring projects more peace of mind.

✅ Features of Polygon that make it an attractive NFT platform Polygon has low gas fees and fast transaction

$MATIC is liquidity & visibility for all projects

More communities, more users, more fun

Unique features

⚡️ Support for Flow, Polygon

⚡️ Easy switching between chains

⚡️ Multiple account support

⚡️ UI was insane

⚡️ Hundreds of upcoming NFT collections

Can’t wait to see how many more chains will be added to the ever-growing ‘multichain’ universe. 🌐🚀

About ByteNext and AvatarArt

ByteNext is a blockchain incubation hub that fosters a network of NFT DAOs, connected through an ecosystem that provides Openness, Sustainability, and Immersion.

ByteNext officially Unveils Its Ecosystem Expansion on Flow with the full suite of ByteNext Dapp: ByteNext DEX, ByteNext Launchpad, ByteNext Bridge & AvatarArt NFT Metaverse Marketplace. Now trend leading INOs & alpha-lead projects on FLOW will soon be curated for BNU holders.

The blockchain technology used by AvatarArt, a pioneer in NFT issuance and trading, is applied to resource products, fostering customer confidence and technology’s rapid advancement in the digital revolution. As one of the premier NFT marketplace on Flow, AvatarArt promotes the integration and accessibility of blockchains, especially for “make in Vietnam” initiatives, and is committed to utilizing the most advanced technologies in a professional and secure manner.

👉 Visit ByteNext Launchpad at https://app.bytenext.io

👉 Visit AvatarArt Marketplace at https://avatarart.io/

⚡ Stay tuned with our official channels here: https://link3.to/bytenext

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ByteNext is a blockchain incubation hub that aims to make the Metaverse Economy a reality.