🏆 ByteNext 25,000 $BNU tokens Community Airdrop Program on CoinMarketCap

We are thrilled to share that ByteNext is evolving every day with greater learnings and achievements to make its AvatarArt — NFT Marketplace a one-stop station for artists around the globe. Recently, our vision has piqued the attention of numerous prominent investors of the blockchain space who took to invest and support ByteNext. This support and growth of ByteNext have attracted the attention of many blockchain projects, due to which we have been able to secure various promising partnerships.

To celebrate the listing event of BNU on MEXC, we decided to launch an Airdrop program to say “thank-you” to the community for supporting us with a sharp increase in terms of members in our global AvatarArt community.

We are introducing a brand new Community Airdrop Program on CoinMarketCap where we will be releasing a total of 25,000 BNU tokens. Yes, 25,000 BNU tokens up for grabs! Participants need to perform a few simple tasks and have an abundance of time in hand to join this program as it will be live for 5 days. But why wait until the last minute when you have all the details cited here for a smooth experience? If you are ready, dive in for more information:

ByteNext Community Airdrop Program on CoinMarketCap

  • Starting on July 3, 2 PM UTC
  • Ending on July 8, 2 PM UTC
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Number of winners: 1000
  • Number of Token: 25 $BNU Tokens
  • The Total Amount of $BNU Tokens for Distribution: 25,000
  • Winners Announcement Date: July 15
  • Reward Distribution Date: July 30

How to Participate in the ByteNext Community Airdrop Program on CoinMarketCap?

  1. Add BNU to your CoinMarketCap watchlist:

2) Follow ByteNext Twitter account:

3) Join this telegram group: t.me/ByteNextOfficial

Join this telegram channel: https://t.me/ByteNextAnnouncement

4) Retweet this ByteNext-CoinmarketCap campaign (https://twitter.com/Bytenextio/status/1411324988192280590) on twitter and tag at least 5 of your followers.

5) Rewards: ByteNext will distribute the rewards to users’ BSC addresses based on the total number of users who completed tasks in this campaign.

6) In 7 days after the event is over, CoinMarketCap and ByteNext will randomly select the corresponding lucky users from all users who have completed the tasks for reward distribution. The winners list will be announced on July 15.

What are the Advantages of Having BNU Tokens?

  • Users can use BNU tokens as payment means and pay for transaction fees on the AvatarArt platform.
  • Artists can buy placements for putting their artworks on AvatarArt’s 3D virtual reality exhibitions.
  • BNUs will be used to pay for authorization rights after completing successful transactions.
  • Staking and farming on AvatarArt platform.
  • Voting and governance.

Background: ByteNext is an AvatarArt NFT Marketplace for artists that empower artists worldwide to trade, exhibit freely, and convert their artworks to NFTs. The platform uses blockchain technology for converting paintings into tokens allowing artists to sell and hold auctions for their original artwork. Using ByteNext, artists can increase the reach for their artworks through auctions which will be very different from current online auctions. By tokenizing paintings, artists can allow art lovers worldwide to access any art piece most vividly using AvatarArt’s VR exhibition feature.

About ByteNext

ByteNext is an AvatarArt NFT marketplace for artists that aims to build up the AvatarArt platform to support art creators worldwide to make their paintings become NFT on Binance Smart Chain, conduct auctions and transactions globally. AvatarArt will bring real-life values to the NFT space and establish storage and preservation centers at certain places. Once any painting piece is verified and stored at the centers, AvatarArt will create NFT for each piece of the art, ensuring its value the same as the real one.

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AvatarArt provides a platform for artists to turn their works into NFTs and auction around the world. Provided by ByteNext $BNU. — - Website: bytenext.io