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Q1 — Locked and loaded

ByteNext has achieved the following targets during the preliminary phase of our preparation for our journey:

1️⃣ Carry Forward Charity Auction was held on February 15, 2022, with 7 paintings from the contest “Hà Nội Là”. They were successfully auctioned with a total auction and donation value of more than VND430 million.

2️⃣ AvatarArt is honored to converge Technology with Hanoi’s Culture through talented young art inspirations. Minted into NFTs, these 7 artworks from “Hà Nội Là” are opening the door for Vietnam Artists to reach Global Audience.

3️⃣ Upgrade Website

As a result, the AvatarArt project and Community — all the ground factors — have been successfully updated and are ready for upcoming events.

Q2 & 3 — Rock and Roll

In the following months, as we became more certain of our direction and strategy, ByteNext set more specific goals and practically proved them with renowned events:

Quarter 2: Official Launched “VINAWOMAN”: The first Miss Universe NFT Collection in Vietnam

In particular, during the release of VINAWOMAN NFT, the campaign achieved many outstanding results:

👉🏻 Total 817 NFTs sold

👉🏻 Total Volume: $3460.81

👉🏻 Pre-INO event with nearly 1000 whitelist subscribers

👉🏻 Successfully released 3 collections with 3 different themes: Bronze, Silver, and Diamond

👉🏻 Successfully organized talk show “Tech meets Beauty”, sharing the vision and prospect of Blockchain technology application in life

Quarter 3:

1️⃣ On July 9, we are proud to introduce ByteNext Launchpad in our own ecosystem, which is one of the pioneering launchpads on Flow blockchain.

👉🏻 Evaluated by a team of experts to ensure the quality of INOs and IDOs projects listed.

👉🏻 Focus on NFT projects including physical & digital art, Social NFTs.

2️⃣ Partner and Launch INOs On ByteNext Launchpad with several projects: MCity, Ookeenga, ARPC, Crypto Piggos, etc. These collaborations are to advance cross-marketing, community growth, lucrative project policies, and more!

Q4 — Settle down and get prepared

1️⃣ Keep launching INO projects on ByteNext Launchpad: The Puppies Wonderland, CrazyApez, and the Panda Kingdom.

2️⃣ Series “Learn on AvatarArt” with weekly social posts to educate Vietnamese NFT groups, which have reached nearly 4000 followers through Facebook.

3️⃣ On December 21, ByteNext and VNA (Vietnam News Agency also known as Thông tấn xã Việt Nam — Báo Thể Thao & Văn hóa) officially signed a cooperation contract, planning to release an NFT collection that features moments from music and sports through 2022.

4️⃣ Big update on AvatarArt website and get prepared to reach 2023 milestones


Welcome Quater 1/2023 with a feature-rich ByteNext Ecosystem! What exactly?

1️⃣ Release Music & Sport NFT collections and more!

2️⃣ Develop ByteNext Launchpad and AvatarArt

3️⃣ Offer monthly INO & multiple NFT projects

ByteNext would like to take this moment to express our sincere appreciation to our community who have accompanied the project during the long journey. Your trust and support are the motivation for ByteNext to continue our Mission toward a true Metaverse Economy.

️🥂 Happy New️ Year 2023 🥂

🎉 Yet again, ByteNext is pleased to appreciate you all for your dedication since the beginning, which serves as a great incentive for us to continue our long journey toward a true Metaverse Economy.

💝 Wishing you health and prosperity in the new year 💝

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