ByteNext League of Backers: Meet the Leading Cryptocurrency Community in Vietnam — KTS Capital

As ByteNext moves closer to AvatarArt Official Launch Event, we are in the midst of finalizing a few key steps and the collaboration with KTS Capital is surely the firm foundation for us to head toward NFT Mass Adoption. We not only possess the same vision but also are ready to walk the long path together.

One more Leader joins ByteNext Ecosystem

Founded in 2018 with the foundation of the KTS Group community, KTS Capital has invested in more than 100 projects in a diverse range of categories. After more than 5 years in the fields of blockchain and crypto, KTS Group has gained reputation among many top-tier partners & clients all over the world such as Binance,, Kucoin, Harmony, Contentos, LATOKEN, etc…

The handshake between ByteNext and KTS Capital

KTS offers an ecosystem consisting of exclusive partnerships with major crypto companies in the Blockchain field. Here at ByteNext, we place our creator community at the core of the ecosystem. Together with the professional community of KTS, ByteNext has the opportunity to approach potential investors in Vietnam and around the world.

About KTS Capital

KTS Capital, formally KTS Group, is one of early Crypto adopters in Vietnam. The cooperation between ByteNext and KTS Capital is one significant milestone in our journey.

KTS Capital is known as a leading “incubator” providing early stage support for blockchain and crypto projects in Vietnam. They can provide marketing support from the domestic media network with more than 150,000 active crypto investors and traders to promote the development of the projects they invest in.

More information about KTS Capital:

🌐 Facebook:

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🔗 Website :

🎬 Youtube :ếmTiềnSố

Establishing investment cooperation and strategic partnership between ByteNext and KTS Capital will definitely bring sustainable value to the wider blockchain ecosystems.

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ByteNext is a blockchain incubation hub that aims to make the Metaverse Economy a reality.

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ByteNext is a blockchain incubation hub that aims to make the Metaverse Economy a reality.

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