ByteNext Partners with GamyFi to Build up Cross-Chain Functions

ByteNext is pleased to announce its strategic alliance with GamyFi.

GamyFi is a highly advanced and blockchain-based gaming and E-sports platform for the next generation. Users/fans of E-sports and gaming can significantly benefit from GamyFi as the platform incentivizes users with exciting rewards and unique NFTs for their skills and knowledge.

GamyFi is one of the most secure and fast gaming platforms underpinned by blockchain technology for better transparency in the process. The platform also focuses on offering solutions for the challenges of conventional gaming with its unique feature sets.

ByteNext is an AvatarArt NFT Marketplace for artists worldwide. The platform supports artists selling and trading their paintings through its platform solutions. In addition, it offers an ecosystem to make artworks become NFTs, conduct auctions and exhibitions using its VR technology, and more.

ByteNext, with its AvatarArt platform, is working towards removing all the barriers between artists and art-lovers with its solutions. Our mission has piqued the interest of investors and users, following which we have received tremendous support from both. We have now crossed 76,000+ followers on Twitter, and our community is growing every day by leaps and bounds.

ByteNext and GamyFi Partnership Vision

ByteNext and GamyFi will become a valuable partner to each other as both the platforms focuses on NFT usage in different ways. Working together with GamyFi will bring more value to the BSC NFT ecosystem. ByteNext will cooperate with GamyFi to build up cross-chain functions that benefit users significantly. With this collaboration, users can convert their NFT assets between BSC and Ethereum. ByteNext is also planning to launch its staking program in the next few days, where GamyFi can sponsor some of their NFT products as rewards to participants.

“GamyFi is one of the revolutionary gaming platforms that can significantly support our AvatarArt platform in its various ventures. Furthermore, as GamyFi uses NFTs as rewards to their fans and users, the participants will be able to sell or trade those rare NFTs on our marketplace efficiently for extra profit. We look forward to commencing our joint operations with GamyFi soon.”

-CEO, ByteNext

About GamyFi

GamyFi is a Blockchain-based Gaming Project application. It provides gamers and Sports loving youth a platform to play, invest, and win while supporting the blockchain and Gaming industry.

GamyFi Gaming Platform Consists of multiple applications, games and E-Sports products, including Fantasy Sports, NFT Marketplace and Games, PVP Multiplayer Games.

About ByteNext

ByteNext is an AvatarArt NFT marketplace for artists that aims to build up the AvatarArt platform to support art creators worldwide to make their paintings become NFT on Binance Smart Chain, conduct auctions and transactions globally. AvatarArt will bring real-life values to the NFT space and establish storage and preservation centers at certain places. Once any painting piece is verified and stored at the centers, AvatarArt will create NFT for each piece of the art, ensuring its value the same as the real one.

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